Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%

HomeoAnimal is your one stop shop for animal health care remedies. We have managed to jump start the way for pet parents around the world to care for their pets and animals safely and naturally. We offer a wide range or ‘ready-to-use’ and well as ‘ custom remedies’, all of which are made with high quality ingredients. These products are easy to administer and effective in treating health concerns as well as behavioural problems.

If you would like to turn Homeoanimal products and expertise into some easy profit for you, this is the place! Simply register and put links on your website that lead customers to products. With every purchase made through that link, you will receive a 20% commission!! All the details and specs will be displayed in your affiliate area so you can monitor traffic on your link and consult your commissions. It’s that simple!

Our primary goals for our affiliate program are to bring awareness of the variety of services and products offers and to acquire new customers. We will accept various types of pets/animal blogs and websites.

How it works

Advertise with a link, banner, or ad on your blog or website. Commission is 20% of purchases made by those who click through your site to ours (there is no commission on purchases you make through your own affiliate link). And please note: this only applies to products purchased through the Shopify shopping cart.

Once you submit your application, you may be emailed and asked additional questions about various details about your website. Once reviewed by our staff, you will normally hear back from us in 1-5 business days with our response to your application. 


Our staff will review your site for the following items in order to accept you into our network:

-Compatible philosophy
-Quality site design
-A majority of original content and also about animals (not other subjects)
-Top-Level-Domain (is not required but recommended).
-Prospective ability of your site to drive traffic to our website and store.
-Strong and active social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
-Disallowed sites include: anything illegal, porn, hate, etc... on your site or on sites that you link to
-Other misc. factors

If approved as a brand ambassador (and in addition to your commission):

-You'll be added to a brand ambassadors mailing list.
-For ads and banners, only use the refersion images provided (if you need a different size, just let us know!).
-Do not create your own coupons to promote products.
-There will be no commission on purchases you make using your own affiliate link. But if you want to test the system, you may do so using a free product.
-No "cookie-stuffing."
-Don't overdo it. Too many plugs for can be counterproductive. 

**NOTE** If accepted in the program you will receive commission earned once a month through PayPal, so please sign up for our affiliate program with your PayPal email. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact by emailing our staff: Matt at matt [at] homeoanimal [dot] com  or Suzie at support [at] homeoanimal [dot] com. 

Also, the content above may change at any time without notice.

Thanks for your interest in!